Amusement Connect

Amusement Connect Arcade Game Card Reader System

Amusement Connect is an award-winning card game system that combines the latest technology with business intelligence in order to optimize the player experience as well as drive increased efficiency for the organization. It utilizes a combination of game card readers and self-service payment kiosks to bring your arcade to the twenty-first century with completely cashless play. 


The Amusement Connect system is extremely powerful and popular and is growing worldwide. Currently, it operates in 1,100 locations on over 22,775 machines worldwide. The Amusement Connect system is trusted by arcade game operators worldwide.

Here are just some of the benefits amusement connect can provide


Cashless System

Using the amusement connect system allows you to transform your operation into one that is completely cashless, improving efficiency and accuracy, whilst also allowing you to dig deeper with data insights into your customers and machines.


No More Blockages

Eliminate time-consuming and costly blockages of coins and tickets in machines with the amusement connect system. These blockages take time to fix and result in lost revenues. With Amusement Connect, payment and ticketing is completely automated and will improve the efficiency of your operation, as well as increase profits.


Customer Connect POS

Customer Connect Point of Sale combines hardware, cloud-based software, and payment processing to allow your guests to pay with cash, credit, arcade credits, or a split combination of these. You can even sell credits and send food and drink orders to the bar/kitchen.


Coin Slider Card Readers

If you have existing machines that are coin-operated, such as pool tables, the Amusement Connect system can still be used. The award-winning ‘SliderMech’ technology allows a card reader to connect and integrate with the machine, allowing your customers the choice of how to pay. 

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