Lease or Rent Digital Jukeboxes

Looking to add a memorable touch to your business? Rent or Lease a digital jukebox and provide your customers with the feeling of nostalgia. In today’s world, we all chase this feeling that has become increasingly hard to come by. With the reemergence of polaroid cameras, record players, and even typewriters; consumers are craving a blast from the past.

People are looking to develop healthier habits with technology and to make more room for connection with the people around them. Having to request a song at a jukebox is a lot more of a personal experience than pressing play on a phone. This can help encourage conversation and will also provide your customers with entertainment. 

Digital jukeboxes have been proven to not only elevate your business but to attract more customers as well. Whether you own a pool, bar, pub, movie theatre, nightclub, or anything in between, a jukebox will add that memorable touch to your business

Powered by strong collaborative partnerships with major and independent music labels, AMI and TouchTunes enable customers to access every album and song imaginable, or you can limit the songs available to perfectly fit any venue’s theme. Serving thousands of businesses everyday, Jukeboxes are reliable and a proven way to boost customer engagement.

Our jukeboxes are straightforward and user friendly so no explanation is needed. We also take care of the servicing and installation so there is no added stress on your plate.

Music Choice

AMI Jukeboxes and Touchtunes have built strong relationships with major and independent music labels. This has allowed them to provide access to every album, music video and song imaginable. You can even customize the selection of music available to fit your personal brand and venue.. Add a jukebox and make your business stand out from the crowd.

advantages of adding a Digital Jukebox to your establishment



TouchTunes and AMI are two the largest Jukebox companies. Each has several million users on their apps and serve hundreds of thousands of songs per day.


Drive Engagement

With an AMI or TuneTunes App, customers can search for venues that have TouchTunes or AMI Jukeboxes, browse the available songs and artists, and pay to play their favourite songs on demand. 


Captivate Audiences

With nearly half a billion songs to choose from, your customers of all ages will be able to access their favourite songs, artists and music videos. Happy customers listening to their favourite songs tend to stay for longer.


Promote Your Business

The apps allow you to control your Jukeboxes and connected TVs, and turn them into powerful digital signage. This is a great way for your business to promote menus, specials, events and more.

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