Digital Jukeboxes for Bars

Our jukeboxes blend the nostalgia of a classic jukebox with the convenience of modern technology. Gone are the days of traditional jukeboxes that required physical coins or tokens. Digital jukeboxes have emerged as a powerful tool, offering numerous benefits that can significantly elevate the ambiance and entertainment value of your bar. In the ever-evolving landscape of bars and nightlife, staying ahead of the competition requires embracing new technologies that enhance the overall experience for patrons. By renting or leasing a digital jukebox with us you are providing a memorable experience, entertainment, and encouraging patrons to spend more time and money at your bar.

Our Digital Jukeboxes

AMI Jukeboxes

Our AMI Jukeboxes are the perfect way to help provide your customers with a memorable and positive experience while increasing sales. AMI has built strong relationships with both independent and major record labels. This allows users to be able to choose any song or music video imaginable. If someone else wishes to put on a song they can request it and it will be added to the queue and automatically be played next. This machine is extremely straightforward and user-friendly so anyone can use it. Don’t want certain music to be able to be played in your bar? You can customize the selection of music available to fit your brand and venue.


Our TouchTunes digital jukeboxes are very similar to the AMI Jukeboxes. Touchtunes also has built strong relationships with record labels allowing them to also offer a wide range of song choices. TouchTunes is a reliable digital jukebox brand with more than 2 million people using their app each month, and over 60,000 bars, restaurants, and venues currently using their machines across North America. TouchTunes also has a corporate feature called TouchTunes Unlimited. This feature allows you and your staff to select songs and create playlists for your bar.

Renting or leasing a Digital Jukebox with us is extremely simple and hassle-free. All you have to do is decide which Jukebox you would like and provide us with your Wifi information so payments can go through on the machine. One of our team members will come to your bar and install the machine. You can have it installed wherever you like or we can suggest the ideal location to place the machine based on the layout of your business.

Once the jukebox is installed, we will provide regular maintenance and repair any issues if they arise. We always try our absolute best to address any issues as quickly as we can. Our working hours are 9 am-10 pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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