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General Questions

We are an amusement vending machine operator, where we install coin operated & digital amusement machines, jukeboxes, ATM’s, etc. at commercial locations and split the profits, while providing ongoing maintenance service and collection of the monies.

We cover most of Southern Florida from Tampa to Naples, and Sebastian to the Miami Keys. You can see a full list of our coverage area here:

We work with all types of businesses! From bars, restaurants, clubs, to movie theaters, bowling alleys, hotels, gas stations, convenience stores, residential clubhouses, etc. Open to working with unique businesses as well, call us to see how we can help generate your business more revenue and provide your customers with a better experience!

No, we do not sell any used or new equipment to residential customers.

No, we do not sell any used or new equipment to commercial customers. We only provide our equipment with a profit split, or it can be rented long term if it is used primarily as a free entertainment service to your patrons.

Are you a business location where you generate good foot traffic where your patrons would enjoy using our equipment? Or a location that wants to provide its patrons with a free service that you can rent. Upon sharing more details about your business with intent to proceed, we will have one of our knowledgeable team members visit your facility to do a site survey and better consult you on how to best equip your space to maximize the enjoyment for your customers, as well as generate revenues.

NOTHING! We install our equipment at your establishment for FREE – no strings attached. We will service it and split the earnings with you. Now what other vendors of yours helps to MAKE you money? 😃

You can see a list of some of the equipment we carry, as well as learn more about each here. We do carry dozens of additional types of equipment, but subject to availability at the time of install.

Servicing Questions

We provide ongoing preventative maintenance depending on the location. We will address any issue we see during our time of collections or periodic maintenance checks. However the best source of information to service or repair an equipment is you, our customer. Please give us a call whenever you notice an issue so we can act on it immediately. Remember, a down equipment does not make anyone any money and it’s a less enjoyable experience for your customers – so call/text us!

Call or text us ASAP! We want to know and get out there as soon as possible to fix it for you and your patrons!

Call or text us 24/7 for the branch you work with! You can call or text the stickers located on each of your equipment. During business hours our internal team will handle all requests. After hours all calls go to our local Florida based answering service which then will relay the message to our entire team. Our management and service team will be the ones directly in contact with you if you text us.

Depending on your location, time of day, and pending queue of service requests, we will be out there immediately. We will try to address some issues over the phone, if possible, but otherwise we will be out there in the order we receive our service requests. With the largest service team in the state, we prioritize service and want to ensure your equipment is back up and running!

Service hours vary depending on branch, location, and proximity to your location. However we aim to address all service calls from 9am to 10pm 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Please note some delays on holidays, peak season, special events, etc. Please do call or text us with any questions or concerns so we can address it immediately.

Normal wear and tear from use is fine and something we take into consideration. However damaged equipment from abuse, fights, negligence, or other reasons outside of normal wear and tear will be charged to the location at the time of the next collection.

Installation Questions

Final installation is all subject to availability of the equipment, access to your facility, and what our installation team bandwidth looks like at the time. We want to get you equipped and hit the ground running as soon as possible, but we need to ensure that the proper steps are taken prior to installation, including a site survey, signed agreement, and a walk through of where all the equipment is going and how it will be installed. Depending on the complexity of your location, installations are typically anywhere from under an hour to a full day project for a lot of equipment, especially if we are doing any custom work.

It’s a combination of our team advising as well as what you want and think will do best in your location. We can advise what similar businesses have done, what typically works best for particular locations, but we need your engagement and input to let us know more about your business and customers so we can maximize the experience for your customers and overall revenues.

Give us a call and let’s chat! There needs to be enough foot traffic in the business for there to be enough monies collected for it to be a viable opportunity for both parties. We also want to work with our customers for long standing relationships, and that means we will vet our customers to ensure it is a proper profitable business, licenses and permits are up to date, operations are smooth, and communication is great in order for us to be working in tandem. In addition, the location specifically will need to be reviewed thoroughly during a site survey to ensure the right equipment for your location based on access to building, door entryways, ceiling heights, internet capabilities, etc.

Yes. If you do not have access to wifi or the ability for us to hardwire equipment via cat5, then it will be difficult or impossible for us to engage with the equipment for its full use, digital payments, etc. Some of the coin operated equipment will not require any internet.

Financial Questions

We do a 50/50 profit split on the monies, after the removal of fees, taxes, product cost, etc. Some locations may vary due to low foot traffic or other reasons, but this is our structure for all locations.

You can call or text us 24/7 and we will respond accordingly to get one of our technicians out to help remedy the situation as soon as possible. For one off situations, you can provide a refund, which we will then refund during the time of collections so that the customer is satisfied & addressed immediately.

Yes, we have a simple service agreement that is required.

It will vary depending on location, how much money it generates, etc. We typically go every 2-4 weeks, but some locations are multiple times a week and others every few months. For ATM’s it will be paid out monthly.

We will help consult to see how we can generate more revenues for your location, based on your customers, location, and other factors. If we are unable to generate enough revenue for it to be a viable investment of our equipment and time, then we will have to remove unless the location would rather rent it as a free option for their patrons.

Yes. Each game will vary, but we have equipment that accepts quarters, cash bills, card, and phone payment systems. We use the latest technology in the industry, including but not limited to Amusement Connect kiosk systems, Nayax card readers, and other equipment that accept digital payments.

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