Crane Machines

Lease or Rent Commercial Crane Claw Machines

The modern crane machine stands vertically, is lit brightly from the inside and can tempt passersby with everything from stuffed animals, toys and even higher end electronics like iPods.

Claw machines typically use an operator adjustable payout rate method, which allows the owner to set the level of profit they wish to make from each prize. This will in turn dictate how easy or difficult it will be to win a prize. These machines are remotely adjustable by the owner, meaning the difficulty level can be adjusted on the machine from anywhere. So if it’s a case of too many people winning prizes, a quick remote adjustment can rectify this issue instantly.

Crane Machines are a great way of providing your patrons with entertainment while also opening up another source of revenue. They are quick and easy to install, take up very little space, and can help attract a whole new clientele. 

factors to consider before installing a crane machine



 It is important to place the machine in an area of high foot traffic, so it can be seen by customers and used as much as possible. This will help to maximise potential revenues. 


Know Your Customers

Know the people in your area and your general clientele. The people most likely to be interested in these machines are children, teenagers and young adults. 



Prize Selection

This can be one of the most critical aspects of your crane machines success or failure. Are you prizes enticing enough to get patrons to play? Are they following a certain trend? Prizes that grab peoples attention are more likely to get them to play the game. 


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