Big Buck Hunter

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Since being introduced in 2000 Big Buck Hunter has become rather popular in many bar and arcade venues. It is an arcade game that simulates hunting wild animals, such as dear, elk and moose. 

The game features realistic graphics and sound effects that create an immersive hunting experience. It also includes a number of hunting locations and scenarios which add to the overall adventure aspect of the game. 

Players have the option to enjoy the game either in single-player mode or in multiplayer mode, which introduces a competitive element. Each player will shoot at different targets with a riffle. The player to hit the most targets will be declared the winner. 

Its combination of shooting, hunting, and competition make it a perfect choice for casual gamers and gamer enthusiasts.

What it offers

Big Buck Hunter is an easy to learn arcade game with simple controls making it accessible to everyone, not just skilled gamers. This is a great addition to any establishment as it can attract new clientele whilst also keeping regular customers entertained and wanting to stay for longer. There are now several different versions of the game, including Big Buck Hunter Pro, Big Buck Safari and Big Buck HD.

Benefits of big buck hunter

Great source of competition

Big Buck Hunter is a fantastic arcade game that can provide entertainment to your customers for long periods of time. With the option to enjoy the game in both single player or multiplayer mode, allowing for a competitive element where friends can compete against each other to claim the title of the winner. 

Attract More Customers

Big Buck Hunter is a very popular arcade game that will attract large numbers of people to your bar or establishment. Promoting this game on your social media can help to attract new customers who are already interested in the game. 


As mentioned before, incorporating Big Buck Hunter in to your bar or establishment will attract a large number of people and encourage them to stay for longer, resulting in an increase in revenue. 

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