Digital Jukeboxes for Pool Halls

Playing pool with your friends while listening to your favorite tunes? Sign me up! By integrating a digital jukebox into your pool hall, you’re not just adding a musical element. You’re fostering a unique atmosphere and creating a more memorable experience for guests. 

The best thing about our jukeboxes, is they combine the feeling of nostalgia with modern convenience. While your guests are playing pool, they don’t need to spend time searching for change in order to request their favorite song. All they need is a credit card. 

They also aren’t limited in their song selection. Our jukeboxes have a vast database of songs can choose from, ensuring your guests can find their all-time favorites. 

Our Digital Jukeboxes

AMI Jukeboxes

AMI Jukeboxes has built strong relationships with record labels around the world. This relationship has allowed them to build a vast database of both songs and music videos that will be available to your patrons. Their machines are extremely reliable and user-friendly. If multiple guests want to request songs, they have a queue feature so that users songs will get played automatically in order. You can also customize what music is available if you don’t want a certain genre to be played to make sure what is playing fits the atmosphere of your pool hall.


TouchTunes also has relationships with major and minor record labels from all over the world. They are a trusted brand that is used by over 60,000 venues across North America. TouchTunes provides you with all the same conveniences and features that come with an AMI Jukebox. They have one unique feature which is called TouchTunes Unlimited. This feature allows your employees to build and curate playlists. This is beneficial because you can pick the music that is playing even when guests aren’t using the jukebox.

We make renting a digital jukebox completely hassle-free for you. All you have to do is pick which machine you want and we will come install it for you. Once the jukebox is installed we will hook it up to your wifi and you are all good to go!

If you ever experience issues with your digital jukebox just give us a call. We will get to you as quickly as we can and will be able to diagnose and repair any issues promptly so you can keep the good vibes going. Our team is available all year round from 9 am-10 pm. 

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