Digital Jukeboxes for Restaurants

Bring your restaurant entertainment to the next level! Our jukeboxes blend the nostalgia of classic jukeboxes with the convenience of modern technology. Say goodbye to the days of traditional jukeboxes that required physical coins or tokens – digital jukeboxes have revolutionized the game, and we’re here to bring that magic to your restaurant.

In today’s competitive restaurant industry, staying ahead of the competition means embracing new technologies that enhance the overall dining experience for your customers. By incorporating our digital jukeboxes into your restaurant, you’re providing a memorable and entertaining experience that encourages customers to spend more time at your restaurant.

Our Digital Jukeboxes

AMI Jukeboxes

Our AMI Jukeboxes offer an incredible selection of songs and music videos. Thanks to the strong relationships AMI has built with independent and major record labels, your customers can easily choose their favorite tunes. AMI jukeboxes have a queue feature, which makes requesting a song simple and convenient. The machine is user-friendly, making it accessible to anyone. Don’t want certain songs or genres to be played in your restaurant? With AMI Jukeboxes you have the power to customize the music selection to match your restaurant’s unique vibe.


Similar to AMI Jukeboxes, TouchTunes is another fantastic option with an extensive array of song choices. TouchTunes is a reliable and popular digital jukebox brand. With a vast user base and numerous venues across North America using their machines. They also offer a unique corporate feature, called TouchTunes Unlimited. This feature lets you and your staff curate playlists for your restaurant so you can have music playing that matches the vibe of your restaurant even when people aren’t using the jukebox.

Renting or leasing a Digital Jukebox with us is a simple and straightforward process. Just choose the jukebox model you desire, provide us with your Wi-Fi information so we can set up the payment system, and our team will handle the rest. Installation is also easy. You can pick the ideal spot for the jukebox, or we can suggest one based on your restaurant’s layout. Our team will then install the jukebox for you.

Once the jukebox is up and running, we’ve got you covered with regular maintenance. If any issues arise, our dedicated team will work to address them as quickly as possible. We’re here for you from 9 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – ensuring the music never stops playing at your restaurant! Contact us today to bring the joy and nostalgia of jukebox to your business.

Why Choose Game Time Vending ?

Game Time Vending is the go-to vendor when it comes to taking your restaurant’s entertainment to the next level. Beyond jukeboxes, we have a wide range of classic arcade and other games to choose from. Like our jukeboxes, we install and perform maintenance on all of the machines we provide you with. When you choose us, you benefit from the entertainment value of our machines without having to worry about them breaking down or needing costly repairs. We take care of everything from start to finish. 

We are a family-owned and operated business that has been serving Florida since 2000. We highly value the relationships we’ve built with all of our loyal customers over the last decade. We aim to provide a high level of customer service, speedy installations and are always there for you to answer questions once the machines are up and running. 

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