Digital Jukeboxes for Pubs

Pubs are a space where people can come together to make memories, share stories, and enjoy some delicious food and beverages. Every pub has its own unique feel and history. Just as pubs have evolved over the years while maintaining their core charm, our jukeboxes aim to provide a blend of nostalgia with the conveniences of today. 

Bring the atmosphere of your pub to the next level with music for everyone. With our digital jukeboxes, your customers can choose from popular current songs or those classic tunes everyone loves. With the wide range of music selections, our machines help people have a good time, chat more, and relive old memories. By mixing the old-school feel of a jukebox with today’s tech, you’re making sure customers have a fun and memorable experience.

Why Digital Jukeboxes?

The days of clunky coin-operated machines are behind us. Gone are the days of searching for spare change. Customers can simply pay with their credit card and play. Digital jukeboxes have enabled us to provide an extremely wide range of music for customers to choose from. From the swinging 60s to the contemporary hits, your patrons can easily find what they’re looking for. Digital jukeboxes are also simple to use. With modern, intuitive interfaces ensure patrons of all ages can queue their favorite tracks with ease. Don’t want a certain genre or song to be made available? No problem. You can also customize the music offering to resonate with your pub’s unique personality.

But beyond these features, a digital jukebox is about staying relevant in an ever-evolving market. It’s about recognizing that while patrons love nostalgia, they also crave the amenities of modernity.

Our Digital Jukeboxes

AMI Jukeboxes

AMI Jukeboxes are the bridge between timeless classics and today’s chartbusters. Their affiliations with an array of record labels ensure that your patrons can choose from any genre, artist, or song they can think of. These jukeboxes also use a queue system. Customers don’t need to fight over who gets to choose the next song. With this feature, they can choose their song and it will automatically join the queue. Also, if there are certain tracks that don’t align with your pub’s vibe you can customize what is available to play. This ensures that the music always complements the mood of your pub.



Trusted by over 60,000 establishments across North America, TouchTunes brings reliability and versatility to your pub. Similar to AMI jukeboxes, TouchTunes has also built strong relationships with major and minor record labels. This digital jukebox promises an array of tracks that allows every customer to find something they like. TouchTunes also has a unique feature where you and your staff can curate playlists. This way, there is always music playing, and the music is always suited to the vibes of your pub.

Step 1: Choose Your Jukebox

Decide between AMI or TouchTunes, and let us know your preference. If you are unsure which jukebox would be the best fit for your bar, give us a call! Our team is always happy to provide support and advice.

Step 2: Installation and Setup

One of our dedicated team members will arrive at your pub and will you choose the perfect spot for the jukebox. We will then take care of the entire installation. The installation process is quick and easy. Once the jukebox is installed we will ask for your wifi details to set up the payment system. If you have any further questions about the jukebox please feel free to ask!

Step 3: Enjoy the Benefits!

Once installed, your jukebox will be ready to go! If you ever have any issues out team is there for you 9 am-10 pm all year round. From regular check-ups to addressing any potential hiccups, our team works hard to provide support as quickly as possible.

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