Digital Jukeboxes for Movie Theaters

Incorporating a digital jukebox within your movie theatre can add a whole new layer to the cinematic experience. Our digital jukeboxes could be placed within an arcade in your theater, a restaurant, or even in the lobby. 

While movie theaters and jukeboxes have modernized over time, they both still have a nostalgic feel to them that people love. Our digital jukeboxes provide users with a sense of nostalgia while offering modern conveniences. Users are able to choose from databases that offer millions of songs and are able to pay with a credit card.

With digital jukeboxes, you can change the music selection that is available whenever you want. Add to the excitement of going to see a new film by having the soundtracks available for play on your jukeboxes. Or maybe you want classic hits from movies to be played. You can completely customize what music is available and set the vibe for your theater.

Our Digital Jukeboxes

AMI Jukeboxes

AMI Jukeboxes has built relationships with record labels from all over the world. These relationships have allowed them to build a database of millions of songs. This includes new music and favorites from the past. It is a straightforward interface that uses a queue system so multiple people in your theatre can request songs. You can also customize what songs are being offered. If you don’t want a certain genre to be available or only want a select amount of songs to be played to fit the atmosphere of your theater, you can easily do that.


Touchtunes also has strong relationships with major and independent record labels from all over the world. Touchtunes offers a corporate feature called TouchTunes Unlimited which allows you and your staff to make curated playlists. They are a trusted brand when it comes to digital jukeboxes and are used by over 60,000 venues across North America. You can make playlists based on movies you are currently offering to ensure that the music in your theatre is adding the cinema excitement all throughout the day.

Renting or leasing our digital jukeboxes is super simple. Once you decide which jukebox you want for your theatre, our team will come and install it for you. If you are unsure where the best place is to have it installed we can provide advice. Then we just need your wifi so we can set up the payment system, and you’re good to go!

After the jukebox is installed, we are there to answer any questions or concerns you have at any point. If you are ever experiencing any issues with your jukebox, give us a call and we will send someone over to help. Our hours are 9am-10pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

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