ATM Leases for Pubs

Thinking about adding an ATM to your pub? We offer flexible and affordable lease options so you have a cheaper alternative to buying an expensive ATM.

On-site ATMs are hugely beneficial to business. Customer experience is improved by offering more payment methods and they also increase the chance of foot traffic.

Having an ATM will increase the cash purchases in your pub leading to reduced credit card processing fees.

Contact us today to lease an ATM for your pub or to learn more. Our team is always available to help!

Why lease ATM system for your Pub?


Increased Traffic

Onsite ATMs can significantly increase your pub’s foot traffic. It can invite new potential customers who are looking for the nearest ATM who might end up staying for a drink, or maybe it’s the deciding factor for which pub to go to. This increase in foot traffic can lead to higher sales from additional purchases at your establishment.  



Leasing one of our ATMs saves you the upfront cost of buying one new. When you lease an ATM, you gain significant flexibility in terms of financial commitment and equipment options. This flexibility is especially beneficial if you’re unsure about the long-term placement of the ATM or if you anticipate the need to upgrade to newer models as technology advances.


24/7 Support

When you lease a Game Time Florida ATM, you have full 24/7 support. If you’re ATM is experiencing issues, we are here to ensure that any technical issues or maintenance needs are promptly addressed to minimize any potential downtime.


Customer Experience

Offering an ATM service enhances the overall customer experience and this convenience can be a significant factor in customer loyalty, as customers appreciate businesses that cater to their needs. It provides an opportunity for customers to access cash, especially in locations where banking facilities might not be readily available. 

Firstly, we work around you. We understand the busy schedule involved in running a pub, so we will plan a time to suit you to come and install your ATM.

Our team are experts in installing these machines, so if you need help deciding on where to set up your ATM, they can advise you on where is best based on the layout and flow of your pub. They’re the experts and are more than happy to help.

Our ATM’s require internet connection for transactions to process, so we will need the necessary connectivity details to complete the installation process.

We also provide any required maintenance to make sure your machine is always functioning properly, and are always available should you need any assistance, just give us a call and our team will be there.

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