Lease or Rent Commercial Pool Tables

Billiards are an excellent source of entertainment for everyone regardless of age, gender or previous experience. Adding a pool or snooker table to your establishment can attract new customers and keep them entertained until last call. From revenue generated by coin-operated tables to hosting local competitions and tournaments, pool tables are guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment for your business. 

What We offer


We offer full service installation for both pool and snooker tables. From transportation to levelling and felting the table we do it all.


Over time pool and snooker tables can become damaged and experience general wear and tear. We are proud to offer billiard table maintenance, helping to repair any damage.


Our team of professionals can dismantle, move and rebuild your pool table to anywhere.

Advantages of adding a pool table


It’s an easy upgrade

With proper planning, a pool table can turn a dead space in your establishment into a centrepiece, inviting more guests and making the atmosphere warmer and more inviting. Your pool tables will attract patrons and entice them to play game after game, as well as ordering increased amounts of food and drink. 


Attract more customers

Customers generally visit an establishment to relax, unwind and have a good time. Adding a pool table to your establishment will provide your customers with space for just that. The knock-on effect of this is a boost in customer loyalty as well as revenue.


Great source of competition

People have a tendency to be competitive, and this can work to your advantage with an in-house pool table. As patrons play and lose a game, they will inevitably challenge each other to a rematch, and with this comes a greater chance of them ordering another round of food or beverages. Adding pool tables to your venue is a great way to increase your average order value amongst customers.


Opportunity with Pool Leagues

Another opportunity associated with pool tables is having the ability to join a local pool league or tournaments. These events can help drive business and increase food and drink revenue.

We are an NDA (darts) and VNEA (pool) national charter holder and we operate leagues to generate more traffic for our customer’s locations on a consistent basis.

Interested in being included as a venue to host a league? Please contact us.

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