ATM Machines for Restaurants in Florida

ATMs are a great addition to restaurants by giving customers unrestricted payment method options. With some patrons preferring to pay with cash, and over 60% of cash withdrawn from ATMs being spent in the same venue, it will boost sales while keeping your customers happy.

ATM Machines for Florida Businesses and Shops

If you own a venue such as a bar, night club, pool hall or pub, having an ATM on your premises is not just an extra perk for your patrons, it’s a necessity for the industry. ATMs help you to keep your customers in your venue for longer, letting them access funds for beverages, drinks, games and more. 

ATM Machines for Bars in Florida

Having an ATM in your bar will ensure patrons won’t have to worry about restricted payment options on your premises. Whether wanting to split a bill or leave a tip, having access to an ATM will give your customers access to sufficient funds for their night.

In-house ATMs

An in-house ATM also is a vital part of your coin-operated machine setup. If you have pool tables, arcade machines or other attractions that are coin-operated, customers will usually require an ATM in order to get cash in this increasingly cashless world. ATMs also allow customers to quickly pay for other services in cash, such as a coat check or entry fee. All of these factors mean that adding an ATM to your venue is a great way to make the customer experience better whilst also boosting revenue.

Customer Benefirs


In busy lounges, bars or night clubs where you place an order at the bar, having cash on hand is more convenient. You get your drinks, you leave a twenty and get back to your friends. It also greatly reduces the risk that your clients will open a tab and then forget to close that tab, leaving their credit card with your bartender.

Splitting Bills

Both your servers and customers appreciate the ability to pay with cash when dealing with a large group. One credit card machine gets passed around to 14 people while the server dutifully punches in the balance for each client. On-site ATMs allow customers to take cash out to settle a bill quickly.

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